Make your workforce the best it can be.
Make your workforce the best it can be.
We believe in a grander entrance.
Learn More To Achieve More.
Go beyond goals. Tap into the power of our people.
Go beyond goals. Tap into the power of our people.
Search effectively. Work productively.
Exceed Expectations. Get better results.

1. Tell Us Your Hiring Needs

Submit the openings your organization has to us, and within 24 hours a recruiting specialist will size up the experience level, technical skillset, and corporate vibe you want.

2. Your Staffing Options

Once paired with a recruiting specialist, you will have temporary, contract, full-time, and even project to project placement options. We take on all hiring budgets.

2. Select Candidates

Upon choosing the applicant who fits the bill, we take pride in making sure every employee has a smooth transition into the environment your organization works diligently to uphold.

1. Upload Your Resume

<font It takes a few seconds to submit our online job seeker form. All you have to do is paste in the body of your resume or the employment history in your linkedin profile - then if your qualifications fit the bill, we'll contact you with details of an open position.

2. Getting to Know You

At Starlit, we view candidates much different than other staffing agencies. Our matching technology, coupled with our seasoned recruiters, take great pride in identifying your long-term and short-term career objectives.

3. Relax While We Find the Right Fit

Having placed over 500 candidates in permanent roles in just the past year, we are also here to prep you for interviews, point out what attributes make you a catch, and help you strategize the next 20 years of your blossoming career.

Building Relationships One Placement at a Time

Per Diem & Full-Time
Great full-time, per diem, and flexible jobs that can’t be found at most clinical and non-clinical medical staffing agencies.

Contract, Project Based & Full-Time
Leverage your technical expertise in contract, project-based, and full-time IT positions. Contact the IT staffing agency that puts your career first.

Temporary & Full-Time
Administrative and professional positions in insurance, hospitals, banking, and more.

About Us

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How Does Starlit Continue Finding The Best Candidates?

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